From the Edge of the Arctic

At a remote climate change research outpost, a Michigan Engineer helps to track the planet’s vital signs. More

Rising #Waters

Flooding, urban living and 21st century engineering More

An Unlikely Partnership

It seemed like a simple project to help a village in Guatemala get clean water. Things aren’t always as simple as they seem. More

Making A Middle Class

Can engineering education lift Ethiopia? More


How a group of researchers turned human urine into a fertilizer. More

The Wrestler

Balancing Olympic training and astronaut ambitions. More

True Believers

"Football is a Religion," longtime Michigan football announcer Bob "Meeeeechigan" Ufer used to say. "And Saturday is the Holy Day of Obligation." More

Can Whole Foods Change the Way Poor People Eat?

Challenging elitism, racism, and obesity with a grocery store may sound crazy. Here’s what happened when Whole Foods tried to do it in Detroit. More


In late January, snow dusted the Endless Mountains of Susquehanna County in Pennsylvania, one of the earliest hubs of gas drilling on this side of the Mississippi. In this county, Cabot Oil & Gas alone has 200 wells that reach down to the Marcellus shale, now believed to hold one of the world's largest reserves of gas. More

Chasing the Sun

University of Michigan Solar Car Team aims to become the first American student team ever to win a five-day, grueling World Solar Challenge race across the Australian Outback. U-M's multimedia producer Marcin Szczepanski travels down under with the Team to document their struggle. The University of Michigan Solar Car Team is widely recognized as the best team in North America after capturing six U.S. National Championships and four top-three world finishes.More

Homeless State of Mind

Freddie Harris always thought he would die on the street. That he has survived the last 30 years is a minor miracle. He has battled not only homelessness, but also mental illness that can lock him in fear, depression, paranoia and confusion. Still, the self-taught artist has managed to create hundreds of drawings -- many of stunning quality -- using pencils, pens and spiral notebooks he bought from money earned collecting bottles and cans. More

Buick in the Land of the Dragon

The behind the scenes look at Buick -- and GM -- extraordinary success and challenges in China. More

School for teen mothers

Catherine Ferguson Academy is a public high school in Detroit where dreams are born and nurtured, as the late rapper Tupac Shakur put it, like a rose growing through the concrete. More

Crime and redemption

'I was 9 when I first started selling drugs', Ramon Jackson, tells his life story of growing up poor in Detroit, crime and a shot at redemption. More